Why chose Go2IT?

Who is the



My name is Alex Ryzhkov.

I am a Senior Software Engineer and Team leader

with experience in Canadian, US and

Danish fintech and digital marketing industries.

My domain expertise is: software architecture, Java, Spring, REST, microservices, ReactJS, AngularJS, SQL/NoSQL databases, mentoring, and coaching

Certifications: Oracle Java OCA, Oracle Java OCP candidate.

Why I can help you?


‘You must have graduated in Computer Science. What do we have in common?’

I switched to software development from Public Relations about 5 years ago and know all the pitfalls of this path. My goal is to make sure you avoid them.


‘Why is it you who can help me?’

I have taught three groups with a total number of 21 students, 16 of them work in IT now.

One of those groups was in Toronto (the rest were in Ukraine). Four of eight Canadian students (as of Oct 2019) are already employed in the tech industry. 

A network of mine includes dozens of recruiters and software engineers and it will help you to start a career.

You will get access to all of the experiences with in-demand technologies I have.

Last, but not least - I really enjoy teaching.


‘Can I find a job after graduating from Go2IT?’

During the course, you will get hands-on experience with the most popular frameworks. Your portfolio will back your expertise. 

Resume writing and interview workshop will help you to represent yourself efficiently. After a mock technical interview, you will become more confident in your skills. 

If you still feel the lack of skills, the Internship program on a real-world project will help you build them up.


'Is it difficult?'

Yes, it is. But I will make sure that you have everything required to reach the goal.