A few months of QA training can result in $60-80k full-time job

Recently I visited Charlotte, North Carolina, during my business trip. It is quite a small city so I didn't expect much from it after living for almost two years in Toronto. However, two weeks of work there completely changes my perception of this city. Today, I will share just a part of it related to the Quality Assurance market there.

A small city (<1 million of the population) and headquarters of several big banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo etc) - what can be better for IT industry? Clearly, the market is booming there. But what really stunned me - the fact that one can get a $60-80k/year in Manual Quality Assurance after only 6 weeks (!) of bootcamp.

Do you still think that spending $300 monthly for 4 months to get QA automation skills in Go2IT is a high price?
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