Mentorship program

Learning programming alone is a big deal, but you already doing great! Join a mentorship in Go2IT – and get the desired result faster.

The program consists of four parts

Educational guidance

`Java universe` consists of many libraries and frameworks. Some of them are seasoned and widely used, some – brand-new, some – obsolete and used only on legacy projects. A mentor in Go2IT will provide you with a detailed overview of what and when to learn. As a result, you will get a well-structured step-by-step guide that will cover only the most in-demand technologies.

Avoid the frameworks-dinosaurs and get the market-proven skills faster.


Real-world-alike assignments

“Learning programming”.equals(“coding”) - It’s always interesting to work on challenging tasks. But sometimes it is tough to create them, especially when you don’t have enough experience to determine what is ‘doable’. That’s why in Go2IT you will regularly get the tasks that will make you think and work hard. Why is it required? – At the working place, you should expect zero (!) support from your colleagues (in the worst-case scenario), but you still will have to meet the expectations and deliver features.


You can fascinate no one (!) with a calculator anymore. But what’s about the program to read customers from CSV, create transactions for them, and persist everything to DB?


Coding support and review

Every programmer faces problems he doesn’t know the solution for at a particular moment. And that’s fine since a software engineer must be persistent in his ability to resolve the issue.

In Go2IT we will help you to minimize the time required to find the solution. It doesn’t mean that you will get straight instructions about what to do. But if you stuck with something for a day or two, just call for help and a mentor will support you. So you avoid thoughts like ‘Programming sucks! It’s definitely not for me!’.

When you’re done with a complete assignment, share your link to GitHub project and your code will be reviewed by professionals from our team. Independent feedback will give you input to become better.

Code fast and keep your motivation high. Get professional feedback for your code and keep on growing.


Interviewing and job search

It’s impossible to be 100% prepared for an interview. But a mentor in Go2IT will get you ready for the most common questions you will be asked by recruiters and during a technical interview.

Have a few spare hours? Let us know and you will get the typical interview coding challenge to resolve within 30-40 minutes.

Think you’re ready now? – Take a mock technical interview and determine your weak sides.

Make sure that during an hour-long interview you can show the best of your knowledge and skills. Get ready only for the most important and skip wasting time on something no one will ask.



Total price – $270/month

Students' reviews

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