You are already in search of a job? Join the internship program in Go2IT and get your skills boosted on the real-world project. Get a priceless experience in a friendly and helpful team.


How does it work?

  • The project is run remotely by a team of experienced developers. One of them will become your mentor. He will guide and help you with your tasks.

  • The project is based on Agile methodology. One sprint - 1-2 weeks. Each sprint several cases will be assigned to you. You need to finish before the end of the sprint. 

  • Each piece of code you create must be covered with a proper unit-test in order to guarantee that your changes didn't break the product.

  • Whenever you are done with your case, your code will be reviewed by senior developers and you will get the feedback you will need to address.  

  • The more cases you finish - the more experience you get

You will work with

  • Java 12

  • Java Script ECMA 6, ReactJS, NPM

  • Spring Core, Spring REST, Spring DataJPA/Hibernate, Spring Security

  • Maven

  • JUnit 5, Mockito, Spring Test

  • JSON Web Token

  • MySQL, MS SQL Server

  • LogBack

  • GitHub, Unix, bash scripts

  • Building and deployment of artifacts

After the completion, you will receive

  • Personal reference from the team leader listing all of your responsibilities and achievements

  • Real-world experience with Java and JS frameworks in production according to Agile standards

  • Understanding and active participation in the whole life cycle of the product (requirements elicitation - designing – developing – testing – deployment)

  • Skills for independent work in a team


Tuition fee

Total price – 200$/month

 Address. 85 Lawton blvd, Toronto, ON, Canada

Tel. 1-647-355-88-20

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