You already have basic knowledge of Spring, REST and ReactJS and manual and API QA, but recruiters are still skeptical about your pet-project portfolio? Join the unpaid internship program in Go2IT and add a real-world project to your resume. 

How does it work?

  • You work in a team - 3 full-stack developers, 1 QA, 1 architect, 1 project manager

  • The architect defines and assigns tasks, guides and assists each team member. But it is you who will do all the heavy lifting of day-to-day coding

  • The project is based on Agile methodology. Several cases will be assigned to you each sprint. You need to finish withing 2-week timeframe

  • After you commit your code, it goes through the process of Pull Request approval (standard for all hi-tech companies). This is the best way to get feedback regarding your work

  • The concept is simple: the more cases you finish - the more experience you get

On completion, you will get:

  • Confirmed working experience on the project running in production

  • Reference from the architect listing all of your responsibilities and achievements

  • Hands-on experience of coding using Java and JS frameworks/automated testing + practice of work in Agile environment

  • Understanding and active participation in the end-to-end product lifecycle (requirements elicitation - designing – developing – testing – deployment)

  • Skills of independent work in a team


The project is related to immigration to Canada and the US.

The estimated duration of the project ~ 3 months.  

You will work with

  • Java 12, Maven

  • ReactJS, NPM

  • Spring Core, Spring REST, Spring DataJPA, Spring Securit

  • Docker, MySQL, GitHub, CI/CD​

  • JWT, OATH2, Amazon Web Services

  • Postman, JMeter, Selenium


  • For Developers - hands-on experience with Java, Spring, REST and ReactJS

  • For QA - first-hand knowledge of how to do manual, API and load testing

  • 10-15 hours weekly to contribute to the project

Tuition fee

Total price – 230$/month