QA Automation engineer course

Every day hundreds of applications are published on the Web. However, it is an idea and quality that will determine whether an app will become a new AirBnB or Uber, or will become just another no-name attempt. 


Manual Quality Assurance is not capable anymore to guarantee the quality of all the major key points of the system: Graphic User Interface (GUI), Application Programming Interface (API), conduct load testing etc. 

And here comes QA Automation. It is enough now to develop the code once and run it an infinite number of times. 

Why Auto QA in Go2IT?

  • The curriculum is based on the most popular and in-demand technologies on both the US and Canadian market

  • During the study, we will create automated tests for real systems. To make the study even more interesting, I will introduce some number of bugs to those systems, and it will be a challenge for you to detect those

  • The duration of the course - about 4 month or 100+ hours of classes and web calls

  • 15/7 support (I also need to relax :-)

  • To make it easier for you to adjust to the schedule of the classes, we will meet online

  •  There are 5-6 people in the group

Wha will you learn?

  • Java and JavaScript in order to learn to code

  • Selenium WebDriver - Java framework for the development of automated tests for web applications

  • Maven, JUnit - tools for the execution of automated test suits

  • And, we will not pass by so popular today tools for API and Load testing - JMeter, Postman, SoapUI

Tuition fee

Fee depends on the schedule of payments:

  • one or two transactions - $1200

  • monthly payments - $1400

  • weekly or bi-weekly payments - $1600