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IT industry is one of the pillars of the economy of XXI century. Experienced mentors in Go2IT will provide you with all the technical and soft skills required to benefit from the flourishing market and secure your career future. 

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Full-Stack Java Engineer course

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Become a Java Developer and secure your future 


'After graduating college I was looking for Java courses to get "closer-to-real-life" knowledge of the software development process. I chose Go2IT because of the curriculum that covered all aspects of software development, from basics to advanced topics. I wasn't disappointed. Alexander is a very good teacher and mentor, he really makes sure you understand the topic. However, you need to be prepared to invest your time into the learning process: watch video lectures, do the homework. The final project that is done closer to the end of the course is a big asset for a resume.
I really recommend this course to everyone who is interested in the career of a software developer.'

Olga Diakonova

SAS Analyst/SAS developer, BMO


Looking for a hands-in experience? Join the interniship in Go2IT and get a real-world experience on a production project

Mentoring and Career Advising

Are you good learning programming on you own? Experienced mentor will help you to skip the most common pitfalls and to get the fastest path to the 'summit'.


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